Match Stats
Match Date Fri, Feb 19 2021 at 9:38 pm Server PassionateGaming - DmK server
Mutators BT++ v0.994, IG+5D NewNetIG, Map Vote Ultimate 2.3, Rextended UT v2-5.2 Map Name Bunny Track: Haunting
Server Info Admin: Waterkater

Welcome to PassionateGaming - DmK NLserver #1
Enjoy the pug and have fun!

Game Info Time Limit: 0
Frag Limit: 0
Goal Team Score: 5
Max Players: 10
Max Specs: 2
Game Speed: 100
Translocator: False
Friendly Fire: 0.000000
Weapon Stay: True
UTStats Actor Version: 0.4.2
Ignored Players: *HdB*Waterkater, *HdB*BiBi

Match Summary
Totals0 (0)000000.000.0000:00
Team: Blue
Player Time Score F K D STK Eff. Acc. Avg TTL
nl Chelmeur 2 10:47-10011011:51
nl -=[DmK|Ru/\/\b/-\]=- (4th )12:46-1-25-124114:01
Totals0 (-1)-35-113410.000.0012:56

Kills Matrix
nl Chelmeur 2  10 
nl -=[DmK|Ru/\/\b/-\]=- (4th ) 124

Weapons Summary
Enhanced Shock Rifle
nl -=[DmK|Ru/\/\b/-\]=- (4th ) 1 12
nl Chelmeur 2 13

Special Events
First Blood Multis Sprees
Dbl Multi Ultra Mons Kill Ram Dom Uns God
nl -=[DmK|Ru/\/\b/-\]=- (4th )
nl Chelmeur 2